FaceChk as the name suggests is an intelligence system that can read and identify Face & retina. We identified that Face, Speed and accuracy are the future and our system gives all these. FaceChk is an organization working towards a contactless (or touchless) system.

Facechk’s unique face recognition technology leverages deep learning & AI incorporating several custom algorithms to provide high accuracy and portability across a variety of inexpensive devices such as low-cost cameras, smartphones & NPU (Neural Processing Unit) devices. The technology has been benchmarked with the world’s best and has proven to be one of the most accurate in a global open challenge.

Facechk a brand under EI Networks Pvt Ltd. We have been helping our enterprise and government clients across the world in provisioning innovative facial recognition solutions.

We are proudly making indigenous products in the space of AI & Deep Learning. Our team of professionals are experts in the area of AI-driven technologies and machine learning. Our system is created by people from IIT Delhi computer science stream who specialize in computer vision. they are the ones who have worked on product development across the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea on products like UAV tracking, Autonomous vehicles, gesture control, object detection, and recognition. We believe in the Make in India mission and our team of passionate professionals with the correct skill set understands the complete cycle of the product are working towards developing more technologies in India for the world.

We have a variety of customers across geographies in the enterprise, public sector and government segments. Our work has been appreciated by many of our customers and technology partners. Our constant support and regular up gradation to our clients has always given a positive impact on our customer relationships. We have developed a successful Plan-Do-Act-Analyse model of delivery and create POC and Pilots before transitioning the production and scaling it. This avoids any surprises and cultural shocks while optimizing the processes and content.


Ethical, Healthy, Knowledge community

To be the vendor of choice for large and mid-sized global corporations, enabling their companies, which are knowledge centric in their vision and are premium service seekers We shall offer the core benefit of knowledge, technology and best practices in the capacity of consultant,enabler, implementation partner, service provider and content developer.
Internally, we shall create a knowledge community; an ethical, healthy and quality company that guarantees customer satisfaction through new business paradigms while maximizing our stake holder’s value.