The Covid-19 health crisis has disrupted the economy like never before. While many businesses have resumed their operations, we must acknowledge that the fight with the virus is far from over.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep your office environment as safe and hygienic as possible. Besides placing hand sanitizers and making seating plans that enable social distancing, one very critical thing to do is to adopt a face recognition biometric system that tracks the attendance of your employees in a contact-less, hygienic, and safe way.

Reasons why biometric face recognition is better than fingerprint scanning for employee attendance management in the times of Covid-19:

Contact-less Attendance Marking:

face recognition biometrics with mask

The basic requirement of Fingerprint scanners is that all employees are required to touch the sensors at the time of entry and exit for marking their attendance.

Thus, it can easily lead to the spread of the virus from one person to another, thereby posing a significant risk to the health and safety of your employees.

On the other hand, biometric face recognition technology is completely contact-less, and, therefore, it poses no risks for the spread of the virus among employees.

Ensures Social Distancing:

Another problem with fingerprint scanners is that it requires the employees to line up in queues which compromise social distancing norms.

On the other hand, a biometric face recognition system recognizes employees as they walk in by an identification system thereby making attendance marking a fast, seamless, and effortless experience.

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Winning Trust of Employees:

winning trust

Many employees are still wary of going to their offices and may request for continued work from home.

By replacing fingerprint scanners which can be highly contaminated with an AI face recognition system, you will win the trust of your employees and effectively manage any resistance from employees on office resumption.

Futuristic Solution:

Traditional office attendance tracking systems such as a fingerprint scan are slow and out-dated and not safe for a post-COVID world.

With the increased public awareness on maintaining health and hygiene, avoiding contaminated surfaces, and ensuring social distance, the future of attendance marking is an employee-friendly face recognition biometric system.

At Facechk, we provide a safe and contactless biometric face recognition solution to businesses across industries for managing the attendance of their employees and workers.

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