India is currently facing two of the worst crises since Independence. On the one hand, it is clocking the maximum number of new COVID-19 cases every day. On the other, it is reeling under the economic fallout from the extended lockdown.

The two fold challenge is clear. The country needs to restart business activities and allow its workforce to return to work while, at the same time, ensuring that they remain safe from the accidental transmission.

Cutting-edge tech tools such as face recognition software can help public and private players in this regard by preparing for a life in and beyond the pandemic.

Here’s looking at some of the top use cases both potential and those being implemented today of face recognition software India:

Face recognition-based biometric to make office spaces COVID-19-ready

Amongst the features that workspaces in the post-pandemic world will have in common, strategies aimed at minimising the physical contact environment within the organisation stand out amongst the most prominent.

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Post-COVID-19 office spaces will have been optimized to ensure that physical contact among people, as well as between people and surfaces, is either eliminated or minimized.

The biometric fingerprint systems currently in use will, therefore, be rendered obsolete – to be replaced with a face recognition software for tracking employee attendance.

Face recognition software to disrupt the attendance system in schools

As part of Unlock 4.0, the Central Government has issued guidelines to reopen schools in some states. Before students return to occupy physical spaces at schools, administrators are required to quell some valid concerns of their parents. The foremost of these is: how will physical distancing among students be enforced?

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Suffice to say, as offices, schools and colleges will also need to integrate advanced tech tools to help the teachers and staff to ensure appropriate COVID-19 protocols are being followed. Facial recognition to mark the attendance and thermal sensors at the gate to detect sick students are two tools that are slated to come in everyday use.

Local governments using face recognition software in India to track active COVID-19 cases

Law enforcement agencies often use face recognition technology to regulate crowds, identify miscreants, and track criminals. It can also be used to spot and track the movements of infected patients. This can strengthen contact tracing and help administrators to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Air travel to use face recognition systems to accelerate the boarding process

Post-lockdown, airports, like any other public spaces, will need to adopt tech tools to ensure that protocols are being diligently followed. The best facial recognition software has the potential to make air travel safer, as well as more convenient.

Foreign airlines had already begun using this technology. In the post-COVID-19 skyscape, this tool will become more pervasive, including in India.

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