Living with COVID-19, is a new normal which led to drastic shifts in consumer behaviors across the globe. Distance, hygiene, no-touch is becoming the necessity of living. However, for the organizations adapting to this new cycle is a must.

Employees getting back to work makes employers more responsible to ensure the safety of the workforce. Most of the organizations using biometric need to think through as this touch-based attendance system using biometric scanners, card punches, etc. creates high risks in spreading any virus.

Therefore, the future of attendance at workplaces is CONTACTLESS (NO-Touch) which is a face recognition attendance system that allows your staff to freely walk-in and exit hassle-free and at no risk.

We at Facechk created a solution for the same. Our facial recognition system leverages deep learning and AI for accurate and fast attendance management. It not only elevates the employee experience but also makes the attendance tracking process completely seamless and robust.

Here are some of the critical features of our face attendance system:-


With hygiene being the utmost concern of every person stepping into the workplace, our face recognition attendance system will help you win the trust of your staff as it requires no physical contact with any device or equipment to mark attendance.


Our smart attendance system using face recognition offers 99%+ recognition accuracy irrespective of ethnicity, skin tone, hairline change, facial hair, facial makeup, wet face, light variation, and angle variation.

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With a recognition time of 10 milliseconds, our face attendance system requires no queuing up at the office gate; instead, it supports fast and efficient attendance multiple times for multiple employees at the same time.


We have developed a robust contact-less attendance system that runs on a cloud server with encrypted data. All the employee attendance records get updated on a centralised dashboard that can be viewed in real-time online or offline.


Our system allows us for seamless and effortless attendance marking for authorised people from anywhere and multiple times in a day. Our solution is work from home compliant as well.


Our attendance system using face recognition can be easily deployed on Android and iOs smartphones and tablets, thus eliminating the need to invest in bulky and expensive hardware for attendance management.

The COVID-19 crisis has redefined “normal” for all spheres of life, including the workplace. As a responsible organisation, you must provide a safe working environment for all your staff members.

By adopting our automated face recognition attendance system, you will win the trust of your employees by making the attendance marking process completely effortless and contactless, besides ensuring social distancing.

We are also proud to be a 100% Made In India technology company and support the ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ motto of the Indian government.

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